String Up Machine, Inc.                          PO Box 1388       Madisonville, TX 77864 office: 936-349-0419      fax: 936-349-0269 HOME ABOUT US COST ANALYSIS J.S.A PRINTOUTS RATES CONTACT US SAFE and EFFICIENT....YOUR WINNING COMBINATION String Up Machine, Inc., is specifically adapted to situations where rig operation costs are high, as in the case of large land rigs, and inland barges, or where drilling is deep. String Up Machine, Inc. enables the operator to reach total depth faster, which adds up to less costs to the operator and allows them to stay ahead of the projected drilling curve. String Up Machine, Inc. represents years of accumulated knowledge of techniques gained through customer feed back and firsthand field observations. After years of knowledge being compiled and analyzed by our board of advisors we have evolved into a unique blend of experience with an unsurpassed safety record and trouble free operation yielding a unique product that offers time and cost efficiency successfully shaving costs for the drilling contractor. We feel the safety factor alone makes String Up Machine, Inc. worth every penny, but if you were to figure the man-hours that it takes a crew to string-up a rig, the dollar amount it costs your company is little to nothing. For example: If it takes an 8-man crew 5 hours to string-up a rig at $20/per hour/per man that's $800.00 Now take that figure times 2 because the time they spend stringing-up could be spent doing other rig up chores. This make the cost of a rig to string themselves $1600.00. Compare that figure to the $150 a line we charge, making an 8 line string-up $1200.00 and a 10 line string-up $1500.00. Further, consider that it usually only takes us 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete a string-up and your crew is working it's other chores while we are doing the string-up, and your rig gets to break tower earlier thus hopefully putting you ahead of the curve. Add in the fact that String Up Machine, Inc is effectively relieving your crew of many recordable jobsite accidents and you've got yourself a winning combination. © 2006 String Up Machine, Inc.. All rights reserved.