String Up Machine, Inc.                          PO Box 1388       Madisonville, TX 77864 office: 936-349-0419      fax: 936-349-0269 HOME ABOUT US COST ANALYSIS J.S.A PRINTOUTS RATES CONTACT US SAFE and EFFICIENT....YOUR WINNING COMBINATION String Up Machine, Inc. strives to maintain our dedicated staff of professionals. String Up Machine, Inc. offers an impeccable safety record that is recognized through out the petroleum industry and that is beat by none. String Up Machine Professionals, Inc has a combined safety record of over 50 years with no lost time accidents. We attribute this to our continued effort to make safety a number one priority. String Up Machine, Inc. enforces and diligently maintains our in house random drug screening program. As we continue to strive to service the oil field more efficiently we have stationed trucks in central locations of oil field activity in order to offer timely service to our clients. Apart from just stringing-up we also do unstrings, 10 lines to 12 lines, 12 lines back to 10 lines, crown change outs, block change outs, and change out drill line. String Up Machine, Inc. can assist you with just about anything that pertains to the blocks, crown, or drill line. With the seven trucks String Up Machine, Inc. currently has, we are the biggest String-up company in the world. The next time you have a rig to move let String Up Machine, Inc. Madisonville, TX (866-601-8404) be your first call. © 2006 String Up Machine, Inc.. All rights reserved.